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Restaurant Menu Design and Engineering.

We design your restaurant menu then apply the art of menu engineering to help increase sales of your most profitable menu items. I've been in your shoes, over 40 years in restaurant management, and have a deep understanding of the challenges you face on a daily basis and the impact the menu has on the bottom line.

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The job of the menu is to sell those meals YOU want to sell. To be the most effective your menu must be designed to communicate the proper messages and lead your guests to those high profit items. Proper menu design and engineering will have a profound impact on your sales, profits and guest satisfaction.



Our mission, our passion, is to design your restaurant menu to sell, to provide you with the highest quality menu at the lowest possible cost. For more on restaurant menu design and menu engineering, please visit our  Resource Library page under Custom Menus in the navigation bar.


We are #1 for restaurant menu design and engineering, and because we have very little overhead, a small staff housed in a company owned building, our restaurant menu design and consulting services are much more reasonable than others.


For more info or a quote, call 888-50menus (506-3687)


MKE Creative/MenuTek, Your #1 Source for Affordable Restaurant Menu Design, Engineering & Production